About Us

Meet The Director

Richard Swain
Managing Director

How did we start?

The Tech Centre started off as a website building and hosting company, we have since flourished into our new role of being a Game Server Provider and generalised hosting provider of all things compute based, this ranges from Website Hosting right the way through to Dedicated Server Rental and Hosting.

Why did we start?

The Tech Centre was aimed at filling a crucial gap in the market, bridging that gap between Game Server Providers and Players, we ourselves are massive gaming fans and also thoroughly enjoy playing the very games we choose to host, that’s why we chose to change our direction, we specialise in the games we host and for very good reason.

What can you offer?

As Game Server Providers we have guarantees in place and a proven reputation amongst the very gaming communities we are partnered with, we offer full 24/7 support and flexible plans, meaning you can make the most of your services with us and all for a reasonable and competitive price, why go elsewhere when you can be supported by a company of Gamers.

What happens when something goes wrong?

Well, to put it plainly, you submit a support ticket either via our Discord or via our Client Area, and we’ll solve the issue within our guaranteed SLA, and if we can’t we’ll give you a months worth of free Hosting on any of our Game Servers.

How can you be competitive on pricing?

Well it’s quite simple, we are only worried about covering our overheads, any profit we generate after that goes towards paying our employees and developers, that’s why we can be competitive, because we care about our customers pockets and want to provide reliable, efficient and fast services to yourselves.

our goal

Our goal is to be the number one Game Service Provider in all of Europe, we want to thrive, we’re striving to be the best we can be at what we do, whether that be Game Server Hosting or VPS Hosting, we not only want to beat our competitors we want to show you, the customer, how a Service Provider should act and conduct their selves in this industry, we aim to please, achieve and grow with our passion for service providing.