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A little bit about Validus

Team Validus is a massive multi-platform gaming community that has taken on a role in professional Esports. The organisation was built in August 2018 with the aim to become the biggest Esports power house in the world.

At Team Validus we have a hugely talented and dedicated player base, ranging from DOTA 2 to Rainbow Six: Siege, and everything else in between, we strive on having a management team that are both dedicated and hardworking as well being extremely experienced within their respective Esports scenes, with this very strong team we are able to take on any new Esports scene that arises.

Team Validus was founded by Andrew Heppinstall who works alongside the General Manager Richard Swain, our headquarters is based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Whilst sticking to our community roots we aim to bring Team Validus to the very next level and work with even bigger and better people as well as other fantastic partners.