Portfolio – Our Work

Spiritually Guided

Spiritually Guided was actually our 2nd client ever, her website was a tough one because Emily(Owner) didn’t want anything over the top or to complicated, so we ended up with a nice and clean yet stylish design incorporating her eCommerce store into the site very cleanly leaving this simplistic yet elegant design, Spiritually Guided sells custom made spell jars, roller balls and other alternative healing items as well as witchcraft items.

Officially Gassed (Gassed Gang)

Gassed Gang was completely different to what we had done previously, in fact this was our hardest job yet, Jamie(Owner) and his Media Manager James (Four Stroke Media) wanted a subscription based website using a completely different layout to what we were used to.

They wanted us to use their system to control, manage, maintain and design their website, but it did end up looking rather stunning given our circumstances, and to this day we continue to manage and update the website for them.

Nanna’s Yarn Barn

Nanna’s Yarn Barn was by far one of the easiest websites we had designed, Fiona(Owner) wanted something very simple so her less tech-savy customers were able to navigate and purchase products from her website, Nanna’s Yarn Barn sells plush yarn and wools alike.